How to Improve the Aesthetic Appearance of Fascias

A great number of homeowners elect to have white painted fascias. They consider the neutral colour to be the safest option. For all the benefits of neutral colours they don’t display character and personality. Coloured fascias do have an appearance that improves the aesthetic appearance and demonstrates your character.

A standard wooden fascia can be painted a wealth of colours. From shades of earthy green to rich yellows, reds or blues, the colour of a wooden fascia is only limited by the colour of the paint can.

Aluminium fascias can also be painted however, due to the nature of the material, the choice of colours is limited. Plastic fascias also have a limited scope for colour paint but consumers have the option of wood tones or even a wood grain colour finish.

The Benefits of Colour Fascias

Painting your fascia will not only add an enhanced aesthetic appearance to your home but, will enhance the longevity of the fascias. Fascias can become weathered over time. Painting the fascia provides a layer of protection against the elements.

The affordability of coloured fascias is one of their primary benefits. It doesn’t cost a fortune to buy the paint, and for small price homeowners can completely personalise their fascias. Should your home have quite a dreary appearance, the effect of fascias can be drastic, even adding the finishing touches to any home.

The Colour of Fascias Further Explained

Before choosing any colours for your fascias it’s important that you identify the right colour. This can only be done with a colour swatch. The colour chosen also depends on the material used. More often than not fascia and soffit colours are the same. Homeowners choose the same colours for both soffit and fascia, this creates design consistency, extending to the trims and guttering.

Painting fascias may be a waste of time in some circumstances, especially if the fascia is made of a particularly attractive type of wood. Those wishing to accentuate a rustic style of wood, why not choose to stain or paint the wood. This will give the wood a natural shine and it will be more resistant to the external elements.

Before making a final decision, it’s always wise to take a smaller portion of excess fascias with a range of colours. This will allow consumers to gage the best option for the fascias.

There’s no doubt that the aesthetic appearance of any property can be greatly improved by installing well-presented, coloured fascias. Choosing the right style with complementary colours will make any property more attractive.

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