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Learn the ins and outs, ups and downs of aluminium guttering products. Gutterart services domestic customers based in the Tameside, Cheshire area, including Greater Manchester.

Disadvantages of Using
Plastic Gutters

  • The Maximum Length per Piece is 4 Metres

  • Plastic is Susceptible to Shrinkage and Cracking Due to Changes in Temperature— including the Warm Sun in the Morning after a Cold Night

  • Plastic Becomes Brittle in Winter and Putting a Ladder Up Against a Brittle Gutter May Cause Cracking

Disadvantages of Using
Timber Gutters

  • The Maximum Length per Piece is 6 Metres

  • Timber Gutters Need Painting Every Two Years


Wood in particular is extremely susceptible to rot, whilst plastic shrinks and fades. Unlike aluminium, both alternatives are at risk of cracks due to changes in temperature or leaks through the joints. By contrast, our corrosion resistant, seamless aluminium guttering will not chip, warp, or crack and is therefore the choice material for households and businesses that care about the long term affect rainwater can have on their premises.

Easy Onsite Extrusion

Seamless aluminium guttering is installed as a continuous length of guttering, rolled out on-site using a specialist machine that is housed in the back of our vehicle. The flat aluminium coil, which is fed through the machine, is extruded in one of two sizes (one for domestic installations and a slightly larger width for commercial property) in lengths which fit your premises exactly.

Cost Effectiveness

Every single aluminium gutter is made-to-measure, ensuring total precision with every installation. This also means there is no waste, unlike with wood and plastic which is purchased in pre-defined lengths.

The Little Things

Hidden brackets concealed within the seamless gutter itself fix to your fascia board. Where your fascia boards are rotten, we replace them with preservative treated timber. Hidden brackets mean that the lengths of seamless gutters are uninterrupted by unsightly fixings. Joints (on the corners) are riveted together and sealed using a high grade sealant which is applied on the inside. Our seamless aluminium gutters will last at least 30 years, with the minimum of maintenance required.

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