Gutter cleaning mistakes that could cost you

As far as dangerous jobs around the house go, you won’t think of cleaning out your gutters as a serious one. But it is. A slip from your ladder or off the roof can cause some pretty serious harm. That is why it’s important that anyone looking to clean out their gutters this summer understands the mistakes they might make.

Going for convenience – Some decide that making a job easier is preferable to making a job safer. But you’ll regret this decision when you’re falling from your roof. So make sure that you’re thinking about safety rather than getting the job done quickly.

Purchase safety equipment, and never, ever scramble up the side of your house without ladders. You’re asking to be injured if you do.

Overreaching – Most ladders are cumbersome, so many owners try to reach out as far as possible so that they don’t have to shift the ladder again. Never do this. Overreach or lean too far to one side and you’ll find yourself going over with the ladder.

Climb down and reposition it instead. Sure it’ll take longer and it’s a bit more work, but it’s better than breaking your neck, right?

Failing to inspect the ladder – Your ladder might look sturdy, but if you haven’t put it to use for a few years, make sure that you give it a thorough check. Any loose or broken hardware could soon cause an accident.

Incorrect footwear – We doubt you’ve given much thought to your footwear for the job, but you should. It’s important to wear clean shoes with rubber soles to prevent slipping and falling on your roof or ladder.

Going up alone – If you can, ask someone to act as a spotter for you when you’re climbing the ladder. Someone holding it will make it more secure. Plus, if you do fall, there’s someone there to ring emergency services.

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