Fab Facts That Make You Look Like a Gutter Guru

How much knowledge do you have about gutters? The average person knows that gutters run along the base line of their roof, and help rainwater run away, but that’s about the full extent of their knowledge.

Don’t worry though, we aim to improve your skills in this area and to start you off, we are going to list a few facts about gutters, give them a read, you’ll be a little bit of an expert afterwards.

Fact One

Busted gutters rot facia boards – Leave a gutter problem for too long and water might start flowing onto wooden facias, which in turn, will start to rot. Left for a while there’ll come a time when you have no option but to replace the facias, that’s after getting the gutters fixed of course!

Fact Two

Poor maintenance leads to gutter problems – Regular gutter cleaning should prevent long-term problems with guttering systems. Neglect a gutter, and let it fill with moss, algae, twigs or items of debris and this can create a blockage, which in turn will lead to larger issues, such as water seeping over facias or running down walls, seeping through brickwork and creating issues with damp.

Fact Three

Clogged gutters create slippery conditions– Let a blockage build inside your gutters and wastewater has nowhere to go. It’ll look for an escape route anywhere it can find one, and more often than not, that route will be right over the edge or down the back of the gutters. This can be a major issue during the winter when it’s freezing outside. Water from the gutter can quickly turn to ice, if this forms on pathways around your propety this creates a slip hazard.

Fact Four

Shoddy gutterwork costs money – Neglect maintenance on guttering and this could cost you extra money in the long run. Trust us, there will come a point when you need to pay for emergency repairs, you might end up having the entire guttering replaced, along with the facias too.  Have gutters cleaned and repaired the moment you suspect there’s an issue and this will save you a bundle in the long term.

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