Home Improvements That Could Make You Richer

You’re missing a trick if you’re not home improving right now. Certain features of your home help to make it more appealing, they add value, and when that moment arrives, and you finally decide to pack up, plonk a big fat ‘for sale’ notice outside your home and flog the property, there are tricks that can make you rich.

Okay, maybe you won’t become a millionaire overnight, but by taking the positive approach to improving your property, there’s a really good chance you’ll swell the size of your bank balance when the sale finally goes through.

Pay specific attention to property particulars and you never know, you could be quids in by the time you move out of your house.

Our Top Five Home Improvement – Make Me Richer Tips

  1. Extend the property

You have to be careful when you build an extension to your property but done correctly, this could move your property into the next price bracket. Weigh up the build costs, see the types of prices larger properties are selling for in the area, and estimate how much extra value the extension is likely to add to the home – this could be a useful way to make extra money from the house.

  1. Create a Loft Conversion

Wasted attic space could be repurposed for something much more useful. The cost of a loft conversion can range anywhere between 20 – £25,000, however,  a survey compiled by estate agents suggested this could add up to 12.5% to the total value of the house. Depending on the area, this could really bump up the selling price.  

  1. Revamp the kitchen

The kitchen is one area that really sells the home. Get this right and estimates from experts in the industry suggest this can add an extra 4.6% to the value of the house. There’s a fine line to tread here though. If your home is worth £170,000 for example, there’s no point splashing out £20,000 on a swanky, designer kitchen.  Choose quality fixtures that create the wow factor, just keep one eye on the cost.

  1. Now do the bathroom

Feature bathrooms add value to properties too, and by adding a downstairs WC, this can really make your property more appealing. Tips and tricks are the secret here, check out forums or home improvement sites online that show you how to create a wowsy bathroom on a budget, this way you really reap the rewards. People are sold on bathrooms inside properties, create the impression of luxury and get the maximum value for the home.

  1. Take care of maintenance issues

Our last tip to help you get rich from home improvements is to tackle outstanding maintenance jobs you haven’t had time to complete.  People are put off by shoddy workmanship, if you have peeling paintwork, bare wires showing or gutters overflowing, they will ether give you a rock bottom offer, or look for another property elsewhere.

Prevent this by tackling those maintenance issues, present your home in the best possible way, and if you need help with guttering, just give us a call at Gutterart.

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