Kerb Appeal Hacks You Have To Know

A lack of kerb appeal is killing your property. If you only tackle one area of home improvement this year, spare a thought for the outside appearance of the dwelling.

This isn’t just a personal pride thing. Let the standard of kerb appeal drop and this could have an impact on the resale value of the property, plus it could create issues with maintenance, damaged or faulty guttering is a classic example.

By taking greater care with kerb appeal you can make a difference and this isn’t as challenging as you might think.

Quick Kerb Appeal Cheats


Have pristine paintwork to make the outside of your home easy on the eye. Treat wooden windows to a lick of paint and spend time sanding down, priming and top coating your front door. Fresh paintwork gives your home a nice, clean feeling, and makes it way more presentable.

Fences and gates

Fix fences and give gates a little attention if they have started to look a little sorry for themselves. Metal work can be painted with anti-rust paint, wooden fences can be spray painted, and gates can be given a fresh coat of stain or gloss. Make repairs where necessary and improve the look of property boundaries, this is one area that people notice when they first draw up to your house.


What do you think if you draw up to a driveway and it’s full of oil stains or littered with weeds? This looks bad. It says the people who own the property can’t be bothered with simple aspects of maintenance and they’re happy to live life this way. Get rid of weeds and stains, power wash the driveway and keep it clutter-free to make the outside of your house more appealing.


A quick tidy up of the porch area can do wonders for property presentation as well. If you have an open porch, sweep it to keep it free of garden debris. You could place a few planters on the porch and fill them with flowers, they add colour and make your home look more attractive.

Roof and Guttering

Poorly maintained roof tiles and damaged guttering looks terrible, it’s easy to spot from the side of the road. Become house proud, get the roof fixed and have gutters repaired or replaced should they require this level of attention.

Gutterart can help you with a gutter, facia or soffit repair or installation service, our customer-focused service improves your home, and gives your property stacks of kerb appeal!

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