Why Your Gutter Improvement Never Works Out The Way You Plan

Without wanting to worry you unduly, there are some really great gutter improvement companies out there and a few, not so brilliant businesses as well. We’ve all seen the cowboy trader programmes on television, and viewed episodes where the paying public were taken to the cleaners by rogue traders. Nine times out of ten, they have no intention of carrying out home improvement work, they merely want to part victims with their money, or if the so-called contractors do complete any work, the standard is appalling.

As professional and experienced home improvement contractors, this shocks us at Gutterart – we aim to provide a complete gutter clean, repair, or replacement service, one that leaves our clients totally satisfied with the standard of our work.

With this in mind, we wanted to highlight some of the reasons gutter improvements don’t pan out quite as expected, here we list some of the primary causes of failure.

You didn’t choose recommended companies

Whenever you get a quote from a person in the trade, always check to see if they are member of a professional association, or come with good recommendations.  If they are it shows they are a reliable, reputable company, one that takes their position in the home improvement industry seriously.

For example, here at Gutterart we are proud members of Checkatrade, a specialist review website that lists recommended, vetted and monitored trades.

You didn’t look for testimonials

Checking feedback about home improvement companies is another way you can instil a sense of confidence.  Upfront companies have nothing to hide, they are more than happy to provide evidence of reviews, more often than not listing the details on their website, or you can also their check their social media feeds, to see what customers are saying about their service.

You answered a knock on the door

If a guy knocks on your door one day saying he specialises in gutter cleaning, be very, very wary. Bogus callers pray on the vulnerable, they’re only interested in one thing – to rob you blind, and no self-respecting guttering company would try to approach you in this manner.

Expert guttering services take a tailored approach to each of their clients, they have an established web presence – they would never cold-call at your door.

You tried to save money with a DIY bodge

Don’t try to fix a gutter fault if you lack the skills in this area. At the very least you’ll do a bodge job, at worst you might take a tumble from the ladder, and seriously injure yourself.

DIY disasters are one of the biggest causes of home improvement fails. There’s a silly sense that money will be saved, the truth is, you end up paying  extra to fix the damage you have caused.

Give us a call here at Gutterart if you would like us to give you a quote for gutter repairs, replacement or cleaning.

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