4 Reasons to Maintain your Guttering

Let’s face it, you’re probably not thinking about your guttering much throughout the day. It can be a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ – you don’t tend to stumble across your guttering. But, keeping your guttering clean and well-maintained is really important for its longevity and durability. And trust us, you’ll definitely be thinking about your guttering when something goes wrong.

Guttering is a vital component in your property’s structure and when it becomes damaged or neglected, it can cause damp, potential health issues for everyone living in your home and can also affect your property’s stability.

Your guttering needs to be annually cleaned and maintained to prevent the need for repair or replacement – here at GutterArt we can help get your guttering free-flowing again using state-of-the art tech.


We know how it is – sometimes you put things off because it doesn’t seem like the most pressing problem at that moment in time. The trouble with this approach is that before you know it, you can have a big issue to solve, when it could have been preventable.

This is how we see guttering – bi-annual or annual cleaning and repairs make sense, because the cost it takes to prevent is miniscule compared to what it costs when something breaks or becomes ineffective. You’ll end up saving money in the long-term, because you won’t have to pay out for large-scale guttering repairs or structural damage.

Damaged, blocked and poorly maintained gutters can cause disruption, stress and a hole in your pocket.

Protect from Damp

When your guttering is damaged, especially for long periods of time, excess water will start to build up and collect. Blockages will mean that water will have nowhere to flow and this can start to prompt cracked foundations, leading to damp and leaks. Damp can have an especially harmful impact on people living in your home, especially younger and older people.

It can become a public health issue if not tackled sufficiently. Sagging gutters, leaking gutters and water running down the side of your property can all be signs of damaged guttering caused by a wide number of things. Regular maintenance allows you to spot signs early on.

Prevent Pests

Who loves dark, dingy and damp environments? That’s right, pests! And when wood in your property’s structure starts to rot away due to excess water, pests can start to move in, including household favourites such as insects, mice and rats. They’ll find the damp, rotting wood and other structures especially habitable.

Safeguarding your Home

Damaged guttering can start to affect your property’s overall structure. Water logging, increased water absorption can start to impact the foundations of your home and make the structure weaker and more precarious. This can lead to potentially costly and substantial structural damage that can affect all manner of elements in your home.

There you have it – reduce your chances of experiencing blocked guttering by enlisting us to perform annual or regular gutter maintenance and cleaning.

The good news is that this is an especially good time of the year to do it too – at the start of winter, after the autumn leaves have fallen and made a mess, but before the really grim weather starts.

Get your guttering sorted and book in with GutterArt today on 0800 086 8312.

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