A Basic Guide to Gutter Cleaning

No one enjoys cleaning the gutters. However, in order to have a healthy and functional home cleaning the gutters is paramount. There are a number of services that are willing to perform this task on your behalf, however if you want to save yourself the expense of paying for the cleaning of your gutters, you can do it yourself. Please continue to read for essential information about gutter cleaning.

The Appropriate Gear

Having the right gear is necessary for the task. You will need a trowel, or some additional implement to scoop out any debris such as leaves, moss or dirt. Obviously, given that you’ll be working at height, a safe and secure ladder will be needed to reach the guttering. Should you be tasked with removing dirt and debris from gutters at significant height, you will need to have access to additional equipment such as a harness. Gloves and eye glasses are advisable to protect yourself from infection or allergies.

How to Begin

Anyone attempting to clean their gutters will need to have an understanding of how to clean the gutters. Without this knowledge, the chances of completing a comprehensive clean are drastically reduced. Here is how the process should be completed:

Firstly, Dig

Identify a drain outlet and begin be removing all the dirt and debris from the guttering around the outlet. To keep the workspace tidy, it’s advised that you place all the debris in a bucket.

Secondly, Clear Debris from the Drain Pipes

It’s important that you clear any debris from around the drain pipes. Use water to blast any debris from these areas if you cannot reach it with your hands. If you cannot manage to remove the debris with either your hands or with a hose then by employing the use of a plumbers snake this could be completed.

Thirdly, Forcibly Remove Debris

Once you have managed to remove the debris from the gutter, you can use a high pressure water hose to comprehensively remove any dirt that stubbornly refuses to be moved from the drain areas. If you encounter dirt that refuses to be dislodged, a scraper can be applied to pry the dirt of.

These three techniques are sure to remove dirt and debris from any gutter. If you’re still struggling with your gutter, or aren’t confident enough to clean the gutters, a professional gutter cleaner will be able to assist you.

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