Why Winter Gutter Care is Essential

As the days and nights grow much colder, it’s really important that you stay on top of gutter maintenance and care. When temperatures dip and hit sub-zero, this is when unnoticed issues with guttering can come to the fore.

Your guttering is an essential part of your wider property, so ensuring that it’s maintained can help you to avoid more expensive issues in the future.

Before the notoriously cold snap between January and April really sets in, it’s well worth taking advantage of gutter cleaning and maintenance services to prevent any nasty and costly surprises.

Winter Warnings

Over warmer months, clogged gutters and downspouts can occur, which can lead to water leakage, rotting wood and extensive water damage. These issues might go unnoticed, but as the seasons change and the climate gets colder, water back-ups can freeze, so that water cannot flow through guttering quickly, causing a build-up and slower draining. This can naturally lead to a whole range of problems that you don’t want to be dealing with in colder months, let alone having to do it yourself in freezing and often unsafe conditions.

  • Blockages
  • Overflowing
  • Leaks
  • Issues with damp

Not to mention that ice is heavy, so enough of it can cause you guttering to strain under the weight of it. To add to this weight, if you’ve not checked your guttering throughout autumn months or cut back trees with leaves that reside near your guttering, you may have a large backlog of leaves in your guttering too. Keeping trees cut back is a good idea generally, because of high winds and storms throughout the winter that can lead to falling branches damaging your home’s structure and guttering.

With excess ice and water collecting in your guttering, this creates the perfect conditions for excessive mould and mildew. This can spread and end up weakening your property’s foundations and wider structure, which is bad for your guttering but can cause so many other more serious and dangerous problems.

Professional Service

Here at GutterArt, we’re vastly experienced at gutter maintenance and repair, no matter what the season is. And we work on a wide-range of building types, from large scale apartment blocks to residential homes, and can deal with all guttering types – UPVC, aluminium and plastic gutters.

We’d always recommend enlisting the help of professional services, because we know what issues and problems to look out for that can lead to future damage. It can also be more hazardous to check and maintain your own guttering in the winter months, but our team are experiences and have the equipment and know-how on hand to safely check and maintain your guttering.

If you’re struggling to reach your guttering, it’s not worth your own safety to do it yourself. Our service is cost-effective, professional and carried out with vast expertise, which means we can help safeguard your property and prevent the structural damage that can occur when guttering isn’t maintained properly and is undergoing problems in the winter months.

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