The Different Types of Home Guttering

Guttering may seem like only a marginal aspect of your home but it’s actually exceedingly important for keeping the property safe and operationally-sound. Guttering and roofing help to control the flow of rainwater, allowing your home to be free of leakage. Sound guttering is essential to your home.

Gutter Maintenance Outlined

The optimal time of the year to clean your gutters is throughout the spring and summer months. Throughout the autumn and winter months an increasing amount of debris will accumulate in the gutters, and the climate hardly lends itself to safe maintenance. For this reason, completing gutter maintenance in warmer climates is essential.

Here is a look at the four basic materials that guttering is manufactured from.


Vinyl is the least expensive of all the guttering materials. With a wealth of colours and features that mean that are durable, won’t chip, corrode or dent, vinyl is favoured by many homeowners. Vinyl is ideal for DIY enthusiasts as its lightweight and easy to install.


Aluminium is rust-proof, and like vinyl can be easily erected by those without professional experience. With the option of seamless integration, there is only one issue with aluminium – if you don’t routinely clean the guttering they can be bent and dented under the weight.


Steel is reasonably inexpensive as a building material. Durable and strong, steel does require consistent maintenance and will rust if water isn’t appropriately drained from the structures.


Copper is one of the most decorative guttering materials. It’s the most expensive material to use, and can be stolen by thieves who realise that with a lifespan of 75 years copper has an attractive resale option. Copper does need professional installation as if not installed correctly copper will oxidise over years and years, turning a minty green colour.

These are the four separate options for anyone wishing to install guttering in the home. By identifying your personal needs, you will be able to choose the right guttering for you.

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