Repairing Guttering in January

New year, new guttering? If you keep on top of your gutter maintenance then there should be no need for a complete overhaul of your guttering, but unfortunately lots of homeowners have gutter maintenance far down on their list of priorities. Because it’s not something in plain sight, other maintenance and structural jobs seem easier or more appealing than checking your guttering is in tip-top condition.

This can be a disaster waiting to happen – just because you don’t think anything’s going wrong, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t guttering and structural issues lying in wait to ruin your day. Which is especially irritating in cold, winter months when you just want to be curled up on the sofa, instead of up a ladder!

Doing it Yourself

If you’re going to take on the task of regular gutter maintenance yourself then there’s a series of things you need to consider. Safety is of upmost importance, as it always is with any structural work your carrying out on your property.

You’ll need suitable clothing, such as overalls and rubber gloves, so you don’t get any nasty substances or surprises on your clothing and skin. Using a ladder does come with its drawbacks – if you’re not very confident with heights or you haven’t got anyone to help you get up and spot while you are then we wouldn’t recommend doing so.

Powered access equipment is the best way to access your guttering aswell. Putting tarpaulin underneath the area you’re cleaning is a good idea, so that you can effectively catch any debris that falls from guttering and it’ll make the clean-up job easier.

This all sounds like difficult, time-intensive work, we think you’ll agree. So how can we ensure that you stay inside in the warm instead?

Clean Gutter, Happy Home

Why not give GutterArt a call?

When your gutter isn’t regularly cleaned, it can get weighed down by debris, causing blockages and put extra strain on your structure, leading to issues with damp, overflowing and leaks!

Winter is a tough time for gutters, so giving us a call so we can inspect and repair if we need to gives you that extra security that structural issues aren’t on the horizon. We carry out meticulous gutter cleaning for buildings of all descriptions and aim to help prevent any costly problems that can damage your property in the long-term.

We’re experienced, professional and adhere to all health and safety standards – we know what we’re doing and we’re not putting ourselves at risk, which can’t be said for home-owners that don’t have the gear or any idea before they start climbing up a ladder!

Time and time again, we’ve seen home-owners that have neglected their guttering and assumed it’ll sort itself out, face numerous problems to their property’s structure, whether to the fascia, roof, paintwork, brickwork or even the interior of the house.

When timely inspections and maintenance are carried out, it prevents bigger problems in the future.

For more advice and info or if you’d like to get a quote, contact our team today.

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