Is Aluminium Guttering Eco-Friendly?

Having an environmentally conscious lifestyle is more important than ever with more education and scientific evidence pointing towards a need to reduce our carbon footprint. Making small changes and smart decisions about your property with the long-term picture in mind will make a difference. 

Choosing materials that are eco-friendlier can help you to have a more positive impact on the environment and provide a selling point if you decide to put your property on the market. Future-proofing your home makes ethical and financial sense and is something that buyers are looking for when they search for a new property.

Let’s take a look at some of the eco-friendly qualities of aluminium.


One of the biggest benefits of aluminium guttering is that its recyclable. Its environmental impact will be lower than other materials because of the ability to reuse it when it’s time to be replaced. You can choose to use recycled aluminium from the beginning, so your carbon footprint is even lower.

With this in mind, the recycling process that aluminium guttering goes through over time means that it’s one of the most affordable materials to use and is a really cost-effective option to use. And it’s more affordable as an upfront cost and over a longer period of time, because other materials might need to be replaced more often or sooner. It’s a worthwhile investment and is a good option for any budget.

Lightweight and Durable

Aluminium is environmentally sustainable because of its durability too. It won’t need to be repaired and replaced with other materials because it will last longer. The lightweight nature of the material also means that it’s easy to maintain, but its robust strength means that it’ll be able to perform the function of an effective guttering system for years to come.

A lightweight material also means that more of it can be transported at once, so the carbon footprint is less than heavier, weightier materials that take up more room and weight.


Another factor that puts aluminium at the forefront of environmentally friendly guttering material is the non-toxic elements that make up the material. This means that when it decomposes over time that it doesn’t leave any toxic by-products and its carbon footprint isn’t high or harmful. Some guttering materials can give off toxic fumes when they’re created, so they’re more harmful to the environment from the very beginning.

Some materials can change the acidity of water that falls into the guttering too, whereas aluminium doesn’t react with water which prevents this from happening. This makes it the safest material to use for the environment, especially considering the water from guttering can then come into contact with plants, animals and people. Aluminium is safe to handle for professionals and home-owners.

When choosing a material to use for your guttering system, get in touch with our team at Gutter Art for more info and advice. We can talk you through the environmental impact of the material and the advantages of using it for your property.

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