Why Summer is the perfect time for Gutter Maintenance

As the months hot up and you’re sunning yourself in the garden, your top summer priority probably isn’t your guttering. But keeping on top of your guttering in the summer and making sure that you’re prepared for the wetter, colder months will save you more hassle in the long-term.

Making a few tweaks now means that you’re not having to firefight in colder months as and when you experience problems. A little effort now can go a long way. So, why’s the summer a good time?

Doing Regular Checks

What should you be looking out for in the summer then and means you could do with calling in some help? The first warning sign to check for is cracked walls and this is easier to spot when it’s generally drier over the summer. Cracked walls can indicate that you need to check your guttering – the same goes for damp walls. Dry, hot weather makes it easier to spot both of these things.

The conditions in the summer make it easier to do spot-checks. You might not even have to get a ladder out and can make some savvy observations from looking for cracks and damp.

Replace Damaged Guttering

The summer is a great time to get any damaged guttering fixed. Touchwood, it shouldn’t be as busy in the summer to call someone out, because people tend to leave guttering problems over the summer and unfortunately it hits them in the wetter months.

Regular gutter cleaning and maintenance means you’re less likely to need repairs, but if you do then getting everything fixed and sorted in the summer means you won’t be caught short when the rainy season hits us again…or an unexpected summer storm!

Save Costs

Sorting out guttering issues when the problem is small isn’t going to cost you as much as it would to leave your guttering problems to get bigger and cause more structural damage in the winter. Guttering problems can cause lots of expensive structural damage, which could end up costing you a lot of money to sort out. It’s not just your guttering which is directly affected either, the interior and exterior of your property can begin to be seriously compromised by damp.

Investing in maintenance now can be more beneficial further down the line and save you big bucks on even bigger issues.

Sun Damage

Over the summer, UV rays can start to cause roof and structural damage too, especially with flat rooves. This in turn can have an impact on guttering, so gutter maintenance is essential for spotting whether the sun has taken its toll structurally and caused damage.

It’s well-worth booking in with us here at GutterArt for gutter maintenance and cleaning this summer. We can spot any issues that need fixing and make sure that you’re fully prepared for wetter, colder months and everything that the elements are going to throw at your property.

Give us a call today and we can get your guttering in top shape for the months ahead.

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