Cleaning your gutters – what you need to know

Gutter cleaning is often a job that most homeowners want to avoid. Completely understandable. But it’s a job that needs to be done if you want to protect the foundations from runoff water, and is vital for the maintenance of your home.

But what does it take to maintain your gutters?

A sturdy ladder – You’re going to need a good ladder to get up to your gutters. Free standing ladders often suffice if the ground around your home is level, but if not you’re best off getting hold of an extension ladder.

Gloves – Scraping out the dirt and debris that gathered in your gutter with your bare hands isn’t the smartest move. You could easily catch a finger on sharp edges, so get an old pair of work gloves ready. If you would rather not dip your hands into the gutter, you can purchase a gutter scoop that’ll make clearing out the debris much, much easier.

Pressure washing – Another alternative to manually scooping the debris out the gutter is to purchase a pressure washer and blast any of the debris out. This is also idea for debris that has become stuck on the inside of your guttering.

Unclog downspouts – It’s all very well and good that your gutters are squeaky clean, but if the runoff water can’t make its way through downspouts you have a problem. Eliminate clogs and blockages by flushing the downspouts out.

Gutter guards – These are designed to keep the cleaning to a minimum. They’ll protect your gutter from falling debrief and ensure water can flow easily through them.

Call us! – Or, why not save yourself the bother and call us to do it. We’re efficient, experienced, and quick. Call us today for the complete gutter cleaning and repair.

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